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Mixture of


With an increased protein content

  • supplement of red and Persian clover
  • large amount of green mass
  • high protein content

A mixture of perennial forage grasses enriched with red and Persian clovers intended for the preparation of silage or hay. This mixture is exceptionally fertile, giving a large amount of green mass. It is rich in nutrients and high in protein. A large share of clovers in its composition improves the taste and nutritional value of the forage. After 3-4 years of use clover should be additionally seeded or the purpose of the position changed to pasture.

Standard sowing: 35 kg/ha
Use: long-term, after 3-4 years additional seeding of clover
Sowing time: from the beginning of vegetation until mid-September
Position: mineral organic soils
Fertilization: moderate, with the possibility of reducing nitrogen doses
Limitations: no grazing
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