Best grass under the sun!

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Choice of mixture

In order to choose the perfect mixture, specify the conditions in which the lawn will grow and its purpose.

Establishing the lawn

The first steps are the most important, so do the preparation works carefully. This will result in a beautiful appearance and good condition of your lawn.

Lawn care

What to do to make your lawn look beautiful throughout the season? Take advantage of our experience and discover proven methods.


The best strategy

Our business has grown out of passion that we would like to sow on any surface.



By ensuring a careful selection of seeds we are able to offer products of the highest quality. This does not, however, make us stand by. Inspired by everyday life, we constantly develop in order to guarantee an exceptional standard of service.When selecting mixtures we think about individual needs and diverse natural conditions as well as about all the great events whose background can be formed by the vivid green of our grasses.