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Mixture of


Intended for hay and silage for cattle and horses

  • high yield
  • rapid regrowth of the sod
  • resistance to low grazing

A mixture of forage grasses intended to prepare a nutritious green fodder, hay and haylage. It is resistant to low grazing by animals, so it can also be used to establish pastures. High yields during the growing season ensure a large amount of green mass. After mowing a rapid regrowth of a strong sod takes place.

Recommended for meadow reclamation on heavy (GC-1) and light soils (GL-1). For this reason, it is marketed in two types:

  • for light soils – intended for more permeable soils,
  • for heavy soils – intended for clay and loam soils.
Standard sowing40–45 kg/ha
Sowing time:from the beginning of vegetation until mid-September
Feeding position – GL-1 mixture
more permeable soils GC-1
light soils, more permeable
heavy greasy soils
Fertilization: intensive
Restrictions: none
Available packaging: